I first met Teresa O’Connor in 1996, when we were both employed as in-house translators at GTZ (now GIZ) in Germany. I was immediately struck by her quiet professionalism, positive attitude and sense of responsibility. Teresa adopted a methodical approach to her work and was thorough, efficient and pleasant in her dealings with both colleagues and customers. I also came to appreciate her qualities as a problem-solver and team player whenever I needed help with certain aspects of our work.

Melinda Leong (former English coordinator, senior translator and revisor at GIZ Language Services, Germany)


Working with Teresa over the last 15 years has been a rewarding experience. She provides a professional service that is seldom equalled. High quality, well-researched translations in a broad range of subject areas – and always delivered on time!

Jonathan Phillips (former Head of GIZ Language Services)


I have had the pleasure of working with Teresa regularly since 2003, and first got to know her when I was a project manager at SAP. Teresa translated a wide variety of text types, including white papers, product specifications, success stories, training courses, user documentation and software interfaces. Her approach was always friendly and very professional, her translations were accurate and she never missed a deadline. In 2006, we began collaborating as freelance colleagues. Teresa often stands in for me while I am on holiday, and my customers are also highly satisfied with her reliability and the quality of her work.

Ruth Butterfield, former project manager at SAP Central Translation Services


Auf Empfehlung einer Kollegin habe ich 2012 Kontakt zu Teresa Asple aufgenommen.

Ich bin selbst Fachübersetzerin und habe oft Anfragen für Übersetzungen ins Englische. Da man aber am besten in die eigene Muttersprache übersetzt, habe ich viele Übersetzungen ins Englische durch Teresa ausführen lassen; und zwar in den Fachbereichen Technik, Handel und Marketing.

Teresa ist absolut zuverlässig, termintreu, und ihre Übersetzungen lesen sich sehr leicht und flüssig – eben nicht wie Übersetzungen.

Regina van Rennings, freiberufliche Übersetzerin